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Everhood: Eternity Edition is announced for Xbox & PlayStation 4

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In-game developer BlitWorks and Foreign Gnomes confirm Everhood: Eternity Edition has gone on both for the PlayStation and Xbox console. As you may guess, this is everything that has been released for the game, now and now that they’ve got one or two titles to enjoy. This version contains 16 classic new musical battles, designed by members of the community and composed by several indie musicians. The game will be officially released on September 28th, but there are more details in the series.

Thanks for playing BlitWorks.

“Everhood is a strange realm that is located on the edge of space and time. His inhabitants are quite peculiar. In this land, these otherworldly societies wander through labyrinthine castles. Bars and board games are also popular activities here. The wooden doll carries an arm and a gnome. A simple quest to reclaims ends to fill an empty spot of this strange world, and it unravels mystery and reality amidst the final outcome. Go on a trip through the door to perception. If you want to hunt for a rock, you are looking for spectacular areas of beauty. Hunt with animatable mushrooms in the forest, win carnival prizes, and race go-kart against colorful characters like mages, sentient save points, robots and vampires.

“Talk about Red’s past and find the absolute truth of the universe” But knowledge often costs away. Some of Everhood’s eclectic residents aren’t content to let Red roam the realm freely. Face off against monsters ranging from multi-legged monsters to brothers who run a plank-selling business and the fearsome Gold Pig in a musical battle. You can avoid aggressive attacks without slushing, or injuring your hands by allowing others to explore bespoke battle themes so broadly the community is curious. Red’s journey is teeming with secret and world-alerting revelations. As Everhood becomes true nature, adventurers will decide about Red’s role in everything that the doll will encounter. Experience twisting stories and overcome dance-based trials across five difficulty modes, range of accessibility options and an unlockable New Game Plus feature.

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