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Evil Dead Rise used Over 1 700 Gallons of Fake Blood

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The fifth installment of the Evil Dead series, Evil Dead Rise, will continue its long tradition of being extremely gory.

In a recent interview, director Lee Cronin spoke about his next action, The Evil Dead. He didn’t leave any information, but noted that there’s a ton of blood on the franchise.

It attaches you to a rocket, fueled by blood, says Cronin jokingly. They either can get off or stay on til it explodes.

Cronin talked more thoroughly about the amount of fake blood used in the film, saying that he repossessed almost six thousand liters of it (1,700 gallons) and that it made it home with him after days of production.

I had to hire an industrial kitchen to generate the amount of blood we needed when I was working, I had to warn the landlord, You’ll find all my bloody handprints in your apartment, but they are not real, honest!

Empire Magazine (@empiremagazine) November 19, 2022

The Evil Dead Rise will be directed by Alice Sutherland and Lily Sullivan (Picnic at Hanging Rock), along withGabrielle Echols (Reminiscence), Morgan Davies (The Girlfriend Experience) and Nell Fisher (Northspur). BruceCampbell previously confirmed that the film wouldn’t have any ties to previous films and will mainly center around the Necronomicon.

The fifth installment is expected to tell a modern-day urban horror story. It will take the franchise out of its classic woods setting and take it first, into the city for the best time. The movie will tell tale of two esteranged sisters whose reunion is broken out of flesh-possing demons and thrust them into a primal battle for survival. Seeing the nightmare of the most nightmarish family that could not be imaginable, their faces face the most nightmarish family.

Evil Dead Riseis is being written and directed byLee Cronin (The Hole In the Ground), who was handpicked by Sam Raimi, and Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert. It was commissioned by Raimi, Campbell, Tapert,Romel Adam, John Keville and Macdara Kelleher.


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