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Flying Wild Hog had a great year. The creator of the series Shadow Warrior has released the third game this year, but also Trek to Yomi, Space Punks, and of course Evil West. It’s not the only occurrence with the release of Evil West, either. Just a few months ago, in Spring, we released Weird West, a game with a gothic horror theme that is in Western context.

Please be careful not to let your children grow up to become slain Vampire Demons.

The opening of Evil West is a massive tone setter. The protagonist and player character, Jesse Rentier, and his recently retired friend, Edgar Gravenor, are going to a train heist to catch a smuggler transporting a shipment of blood and newborn vampires. In order to stop the train he blows up a massive wooden bridge, the monsters take off and it’s a chaos ensued. As it turns out, a burning bridge surrounded by deformed vampire zombies with which you can kill your blood is excellent for a tutorial. You learn that you’re in the middle of a powerful Sanguisuge that earned fame for the strange experiments that he and his vampire daughter do.

You’re the aforementioned Jesse Rentier, who are all recognizable at once from the French and English version of Rent-ee-Ay. He is the son of a group of ten-year-old men, held in secret and operated, but government supported and supervised, organisation that has apparently been working in the shadows for generations. They’re trying to fight the Sanguisuge and other vampires. After the two more levels started to build the world you find yourself going to the Rentier Estate to meet your father ahead of a presentation for a new weapon that he’s developing. I’ll stop there to avoid spoilers.

I noticed what was really happening about the world building. Assuming that it was large and detailed it was in fact never fully explained. This might be really annoying, but I really was intrigued. You are never explicitly told what Sanguasuge means, nor is the origin story for the Rentier Institute ever fully laid out. I realized that rather than being mistaken, I felt like that authors trusted their audience to get the details done in order to have the detail together without having to hand-hold it. Although many games or the opposite, I appreciated that effort.

The music is above its own pay grade, so I found that I wanted to play with the sound just for the music. There isn’t a big variety in the score, so you’ll hear the same few songs often, but the atmosphere that the music sets does works. The tone and the noise of games are very powerful as a result of sound blasts.

I didn’t expect the story coming out. I was surprised pleasantly. The cutscenes are accomplished competently and feel engaging. I was concerned about what was happening even if some of the voice acting was hit or miss. It’s not Hang Em High, but in a Western setting, it’s a great story. The sometimes-not-surprisingly great graphics keep it back, but more on that later.

The only thing I really have about this story is the fact that you never really see that character taking this apparently large distance on his horse. The cut scene’s about and suddenly you’re at the next town. It can be tricky when people talk about an itinerary of three days but then you only look like you were at the road gate a few years later. The horse is in a few places, especially when it is too early. But most games are just sitting behind a invisible wall in front of you at the beginning of a level. This is one of several things that give away that was made on a mid-level budget.

The story is good. World construction is great. The design goes down. The music is great if it is limited. The good thing is that while the narrative is prominently featured, it isn’t the basic selling point of Evil West.

Carry on, My father’s daughter.

As you battle through the first lesson, you’re introduced to the basic story of Evil West. A linear path leads you through an orientated approach to a simple, ecological puzzle, then looking for fish and searing a bag of gold. Although the bread and butter of the Evil West is thankfully frequent combat zones.

Some of the games contain weapons and mechanics and new enemies become an object of interest, and the game introduces new enemies and retaliation. You’re beginning to notice the need for punching and blocking. The Rentier Revolver quick fires auto at the enemy you’re thinking about. The Rentier Rifle is a precision projectile weapon used to shoot, with the right hand and then to rot with the right hand. The controls are modified versions of Soulslike, the right bumper being the main melee attack. Consequently, the game turns on their inventory and shows it how much money it takes to store this inventory. Given the speed and intensity of the battle, you’ll get immense courage and power in the midst of chaos.

If I had any comparisons, it would have a brawler with Dark Souls and DOOM sensibilities and only a ton of games I won’t play it. As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are guns, but it’s better thought that it would be a third-person action match. Whatever you decide to describe, I think it’s a absolute blast. Every time I realized I came up on a new combat encounter. The weapons were varied and matched perfectly. I used nearly everyone in virtually every fight. If you want an action game, you should get it right.

Ill Paso

Even though we didn’t speak about a few bad Wests shortcomings, it would have been a review. The graphical aspects are the biggest drawback. I found that it was all the issues I had to switch to performance mode in the first level because of all the clipping and frame rates issues. It ran well after that, but the graphics were obnoxious. Fortunately, they didn’t interfere with the game, but there were many times where textures either popped into or simply never showed up. The latter sometimes happens when 3D items in the menus are spotted.

I’ve also encountered two other problems. When Jesse got stuck in a piece of the world, I couldn’t stop laughing. That game does not have the best way to reload the last save point. Rather, the game seems to save before entering a combat arena but not after you have finished it. So I had to close and relaunch the game and then redo the previous combat arena to get back to where the glitch happened, and I couldn’t get the little bridge I got stuck on the first time. After that, I didn’t have another geometry problem. However, it took me too long to survive.

I threw a grenade while fighting, and while the explosion heard, I began to take the rest of the fight. I tried a few ways to reset the sound, but nothing worked, so a new relaunch and replay the play, however, it did happen again.

I think you can chalk these two problems up to budget issues, but this clearly was made on the budget. I don’t find the glitches in the experience to be game breaking.

Good-man, Cowboy.

When I did the last fight against Evil West and watched the final cutscene, I went to the main menu, took notes, and launched the new game again. I read two first, and one-way in the third. I just want something else. It might be that it felt like games like these that I grew up playing. This is a bad game. But that was very much appreciated and it was just what I wanted without realizing it. The high-profile assault of a third-person brawler, with the pattern analyzing Soulslike and the frenetic actions of DOOM. Not only does the western setting seem to be very loving at the moment, but also the western setting. I haven’t had a game where I wanted to play a sequel in a long time. I hope you have a word, we think that this is a world worth exploration and characters worth revisiting, especially if Flying Wild Hogs is given a bigger budget, which I think is worth this franchise.

Score: 9,5/10.


  • Fantastic Combat
  • The World Building Compelling: The World Building Building.
  • Character design in a class is important.
  • Story


  • Graphical Issues
  • Frame Rate Problems in the default quality mode.
  • Occasional Glitches
  • Hit or miss words acting.
  • Closer doors.

The publisher had a review of Evil West. The game was tested using the Xbox X version.


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