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Exclusive Quicksand clip shows the awkward negotiation

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The film’s going to be released on September 19 on the digital and video-on-demand platform.

What does Quicksand mean?

This clip shows two friends trying to buy their best friends wedding rings after selling it last night. The stern man who bought the ring from a pawn shop gets heated up as they try to break the bones.

The movie, on a short trip, shows a pair of guys who’ll take their buddys wedding. Even when they lose the ring just days before the wedding, their fateful journey to get it back into a full exploration of life, love, and how to not die.

Quicksand was written and directed by John Paul Morris as well as written by Jake Burgess and Broderick Steele. It was produced by Nick Loud, Chris Loud and Mia Hagety. The movie stars Tanner Presswood, Simon Elias, Mia Hagerty, Kelsey Ramirez, Melissa OBrien, Vince Sarowatz, Melissa Kendell, and Tommy Hills.

You can view the clip on YouTube, too.

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