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Fable canceled, and switched to Unreal Engine 5: Xbox RPG rumours began

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Despite Microsoft’s constant demands, a new rumor would like to develop Fable, a sequel to the RPG series that awaited on Xbox, still on the sea. Even the latest news cites an canceled build and a rewrite of the game with a new engine.

The rumor, which we wanted to clarify, comes from the pages of 4chan and therefore invite you to examine the issue and take the details with attention. A Fable built via Forzatech was expected to be cancelled in August 2022, when it reached half its fullness. The development team then decided to switch to Unreal Engine 5 with today’s version likely to be ready at the latest Q4 of 2024. The playground team themselves considered the build made through his Forzatechand after this reason it was finally set aside.

As you know, that source isn’t most reliable but they fueled the suspicions that Andy Robinson, a video game reporter and Jesus Corden from Windows central, was acting so, both Pessimistic about the timing of the launch of the project. Fable will be able to keep working by the end of the generation, Robison said. He said in response to Jason Schreier discussing the constantly expanding development timelines of games.

In any case, we recommend you take the information with a grain of salt while not making any official updates. As for the project, the final news was released last November when the senior writer of Forbidden West joined the Fable team.

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