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Facebook Messenger Lite has shut off Aroged

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Facebook have decided to end support for Messenger Lite from the 18th September. It seems that Facebook Lite still exists.

Several users on X report that Messenger Lite didn’t exist from September 18th. The reason for the dissolution of the Lite service is not mentioned in the report. The popularity of Android Go might be a problem. The app actually was developed by Facebook. There is considerably less space for this app than the regular Messenger function and it also works with more efficient work memory.

Messenger Lite worked virtually anywhere on the internet. That app sipped all the mobile data. Not surprising: some of the tools you know about Messenger are missing from the Lite version. For example, Messenger Lite doesn’t let you take video calls with groups. There are also not any functions available under the Lite service.

In addition, the regular Messenger app has a Data saver in place that lets you save on mobile data. It can also play a role in the decision to close the Lite service. The app is gradually losing its right to exist. Only smartphones without enough storage cause problems. The number of devices with less than 128 GB of storage a rapid decline.

In the play store, you can run out of the store.

Users who want to quickly download the Messenger Lite app no real reason. Facebook removed the download button from the Play Store. During the same period of September 18th, users who have already downloaded the app will lose all functionalities. This doesn’t appear to happen on the regular Facebook Lite app. The application received another update on August 23 and can be downloaded from the Play Store or APKMirror.

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