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Facebook now allows you to create multiple profiles on its social network

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More profiles on Facebook

Meta announced today that users can create multiple personal profiles on Facebook. The global rollout of the feature has begun and will continue over the next few months. This new update comes not long after the social media giant refreshed Facebook’s logo and identity system.

Facebook users can create up to four additional personal profiles with a custom name and @username for each. These personal profiles will allow users to have separate spaces for different interests and needs. For example, users can have one Facebook profile to connect with friends and another for something they’re passionate about.

“Creating multiple personal profiles allows you to easily organize who you share with and what content you see for the different parts of your life. Think one profile for the food scene you love and another to keep up with your friends and family,” said Meta. B Blog post.

Create a Facebook profile

To create a new profile in the Facebook app, tap your profile picture in the lower right corner. On the next screen, tap the drop-down arrow next to your name. Select “Create a new profile” and follow the steps.

Each personal profile will have its own unique feed with relevant content as users can connect with like-minded people and communities. Moreover, users will be able to switch between multiple profiles without having to log out of their accounts.

Meta explained that additional profiles will come with default settings, giving users a clean slate to begin with. They will not carry over notification and privacy settings from existing profiles. Certain settings such as who can send a friend request or who can see profile posts will remain separate for each profile.

The company warned that its existing rules still require people to use their real name for the main Facebook profile. People can use different names for additional profiles and the main Facebook profile will not reveal that they have other profiles.

“We remain committed to preventing impersonation and misrepresentation, so additional profiles cannot impersonate others or be used to misrepresent your identity (including your age or location),” it said.

Personal Facebook profiles are available to both existing and new users. Meta said only eligible adult accounts will get the option for an additional personal profile. Some features such as Dating, Marketplace, Payments and Professional Mode are not available for additional profiles at launch.

Users with additional personal profiles will be able to use messages in the Facebook app as well as on the web. The company has plans to bring Messenger support to more profiles in the coming months.


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