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Factor: Space Age expansion will be a great new feature: Quality

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In her latest Tuesday Facts blog post, the developer Wube software highlighted a major new feature coming to the Space Age expansion: Quality. Infactorio: Space Age: Any item, entity and equipment will have five qualities already available. This is the title which uses familiar names: Normal, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Every quality after Normal increases the bonus you get from the cheapest tier of the price. Uncommon will grant 30 cent bonus, Rare a 60 cent bonus, Epic a 90 cent bonus, and Legendary a 90 cent bonus.

The purpose of adding Quality to Factoro is to balance vertical and horizontal growth. In the current version, players have to build more mining outposts and production facilities (horizontal growth). It is important to contemplate the progress of existing facilities by better machines, smelters, and others, which will lead to the increase in Vertical growth. The new Quality Enhancement adds new levels of value to all of the things, entities, and equipment.

Without additional bonuses, high-quality entities will have more health and some unique bonuses because of their nature. For example, electric poles, which are cheap, have a more large supply area and a wire reach. Insertors move faster, with higher quality. Turrets and guns will increase range, and ammo will add more damage. For energy production like solar panels, high quality steel panels will produce more energy.

Image via Wube software.

Not all qualities are created equally.

Wube Software quickly decided that adding to a ton of higher-tier recipes to higher qualities would not add much to Factorio: Space Age’s gameplay. They decided to build a new kind of module: Quality. The new quality modules have a special effect which increases the probability of seeing more results when you craft with a machine.

The standard grade module 1 is designed to boost the quality of the items made from the machine its put into. Even when you insert more modules and increase your machine’s quality and the difference between those modules is increasing.

To help improve your health, there is a lot of useless common items that can be made at the time of trying to find what you want. A new machine is coming, so is the Recycler. With this new machine you can break down the items you haven’t got out of order and get back something. Then you have 25% of your original ingredients back. Therefore, in typical Factorio fashion, you can create a loop of trying to create higher-quality items with ease by repairing down and recycling the parts from lower-quality outputs.

I think this is a very important new feature. The only worry I heard that was the fact that Wube Software did, was the addition of the Recycler. This is a second blog post about Space Age and I’m already excited for the expansion. This feature already adds a ton of content toFactorio which’s a good move.

Factorio: Space Age hasn’t released yet, but Wube software is planning to release 2024.

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