Fall Guys Now have available invincible Themed Cosmetics


Skybound has joined Epic Games to bring the characters of Invincible to the game Fall Guys. Starting today and ending in December, you can find three different costumes that look like characters from the iconic comic books show, and then celebrate the 20th anniversary of Invincible. You can throw for your best suits and look like your favorite Guardian of the Globe as you choose from the titular character, Moni-Man, and Atom Eve. We got more info and a quote about the crossover here.

Credit: Epic Games.

Invincible has garnered millions of fans since the launch of the comic series in twenty years ago and the present Prime hits in Amazon also have become a popular hit. Now we’re excited to see that population expand by the inclusion of Fall Guys, says Dan Murray, managing partner of Skybound Games. The future will be “skybound” with its many fun and interactive ways. This partnership will give a great taste of the most popular characters now in the gaming world. I didn’t expect you to try to get it back to it.

Costumes are a delight in blue and yellow spandex. The Omni-Man is a monochromatic upper-Costume with a scowl that can be clear in any challenge, while theOmni-Man pattern gives you a fresh superhero suit that you can customize with any color you choose from your inventory. That won’t scare anyone in Atom Eve’s Costume, though. In addition, nameplates and Nicknames inspired by the show and comics will be available.

  • Titular teens’ hero Invincible’s Costume is an elegant piece of blue and yellow naive spandex.
  • The Omni-Man has a monochromatic Upper-Costume with a scowl that could clear up the space during any challenge.
  • A Superman Shirt gives you that fresh suit.
  • The smartly bright Atom Eve costume is striking and powerful.


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