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Fallout 4’s Major Achievement Was Scrapped by Starfield

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Starfield had voiced protagonist at one point of development. Videogames are very unique because they include many different methods to tell stories. Sometimes it’s very cinematic and is telling like a film or TV show with gameplay interwoven. Sometimes it’s a little more traditional and the story is only traced to your hands or even with others. Sometimes the main character never has a voice or face. All these storytelling techniques depend on the type of game you play and some work better than others. Bethesda historically hasn’t voice-driven characters; instead, the player relie on text to communicate with other players in this game. Fallout 4changed this to allow the characters a voice and it worked really well.

Starfieldmost continued to do that. In a recent let’s play of Starfieldon Kind-Awn Funny Games, actors Cisesy Jones and Eliot Toufexis revealed they were cast to play the protagonist in starboxback for 2018. The actors were re-sold to play the female and male versions, came in for their lines; recorded hours as it was played then Betheska wanted another direction. Toufexis noted that he received an email from Bethesda’S Todd Howard noting they wanted the protagonist to be more of some blank slate and were scrapping voices. The actor reflected on his disappointment, saying that “he had just lost two decades of work”. However, Howard was kind enough to inform both the actors that they would recast themselves in different roles and still very significant for Starfield. The two of us were returning to Starfieldin 2020. Toufexis would play Sam Coe and Cisy Jones played Andreja, respectively

The phone seems to have been right. Starfield was praised for its great companions, such as Sam Coe. Although Bethesda shouldn’t have written or recorded before, it wouldn’T be able to find out how much dialogue that does the protagonist take.


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