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Fans have complained that the characters in Gate 3 in Baldurs don’t just want to be friends

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ilbol complained about the relationship system in Baldurs Gate 3. He said that after one dance with Will, his character started dating a hero immediately. The fan only wanted to maintain friendly relationships.

I did just dance with Will ONCE, I mean nothing but DANCED. We have a relationship, and everybody in the camp agrees. Will treats me like his fucking wife. What hell’s going on? It’s terrible because I don’t want to see him, I don’t like him, I have never said otherwise. And now he walks around the camp and tells everybody we had sex? That’s ok, I thought I’d like to talk to him, I thought only to explain that maybe it was my fault that I misled him for that I think there’s nothing but that he’s from. Hes dancing with someone once is like saying something but because in some respect, I don’t have the chance to tell him something like that. illbol.

They discussed a seemingly abstract topic with the characters, followed a friendly act without a romantic interest. However, the characters thought they were being flirted with. This is usually the case with Gale.

Gale specifically told me that we weren’t close enough to show me magic, and then Shadowheart rejected me because she thought I was in a relationship with Gale. I almost didn’t talk to him. My worst of course is the gameHellknightx.

My character is a relationship with Karlach. Everyone in the camp, including Gale, recognized this. I never asked her to give me that magic trick. Every time I visit him and I see him we have permission to apologize for not having to choose between him and someone else. Bro has just been friends all this time. electricicorns.

I waved towards Gale, and he bought us a house so that we can get some privacy. Ok_Raspberry_6282.

I had similar situations between Gale and Will, To install Gulrakrurs.

On August 11, Larian Studios published a statistics statement stating the choices and achievements of users in the Baldurs Gate 3. According to estimates, about 100 thousand users did not receive mutual sympathy from Astarion. Most of the players wanted to play Shadowheart.

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