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Fans of Stardew Valley Share Heartfelt messages with ConcernedApe creator

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Stardew Valley players shared the heart of an acclaimed pity for Game creator Eric ConcernedApe Barone. Earlier this week, Barone explained that the mobile version of the 1.5 update will take a little longer than expected to ensure quality, apologizing to fans that his team didn’t meet its promised deadline before the end of the year.

Instead of reacting to angry behavior that happens all the time when updates are delayed, Stardew Valley fans went the opposite direction with a mega post from the games subreddit thanking Barone for his hard work and talking about how the game affected their lives.

For example, PurgaznNings explains how Stardew Valley helped him in coping with alcoholism and depression, and how the community was there when his father was hospitalized. Similarly, another user explains that he suffers from PTSD, partly from the work of an orderly firefighter, and that loading up Stardew Valley after a difficult day is beneficial to him. Instead, you make the brain feel like you have the chance to focus on something that is not stressful.

There are many similar stories, but there are also many people concerned with Barones health. For example, Reason_For_Treason wants Barone to get away from work and social media, while Ok-Ad-9607 says the fanbase is waiting for the next update and is worried about a potential crisis.

There are hundreds of posts in this thread, therefore it would be impossible to list them all here. It’s really great to see the community fighting for a good cause as Stardew Valley fans prove once again that they most are good eggs, but these aren’t a big part of it that they are too rich.

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