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Fans reacted an unbelievable mass effect 5-related Tweet when it was enough to get them excited again

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Since BioWare hasn’t been trying to get Dragon Age: Dreadwolf out the door hopefully at some point next year, Mass Effect fans are in a phase where one of life’s longest new game information drought comes. Everybody under their sex, the Mass Effect community knows how much they need to say about it from Masquita 5 or whatever BioWare ends up calling the game: an innocuous tweet published this week was enough for fans alike.

Anyone making games with #MetaHumans in Unreal Engine 5? asked Chris Evans, director of Epic Games’ character technology for hq on Twitter. What are some challenges you want us to tackle in future release?

Who has got to respond? Only Michael Gamble, the director of project and executive producer at BioWare working on next Mass Effect game. The sequel of the series has come true despite an update that is still just a couple years away.


Michael Gamble (@GambleMike) October 17, 2023

What can we glean from this brief meeting? Mass Effect 5 seemingly uses MetaHuman’s unreal engine. This helps developers create 3D models and characters faster, easy yet also useful. A huge hope is that some of the Xmas will benefit from it for now!

Assuming that it is not much to continue, though a lot of things will work out now. Next Mass Effect of N7 Day, announced by BioWare nearly three years ago in November 2020.

Image credit: BioWare / EA.

In November 2021, as well for N7 Day’s Day edition of Earth Ware released a Mass Effect poster showing the ship touching on an earth next to another cave. Immediately people noticed that the cow in the crater was like an old Goh, sentient AI species from her original trilogy.

There are also four characters who exit the ship below, hints at how big they were in this new game. We theorized that after leaving ship, a Salarian and Turian contingent could be held in these three first games.

Copyright: BioWare/The EA.

For N7 day in 2022, BioWare conceived the next Mass Effect games and showed what it had appeared to be an actual mass relay that would soon make sense.

I hope that #7 is my day. We found this interesting movie, and you might want to a little more closely. Download in HD https://t.co/gynephu flce picusia.com:07kjdRzH3F9O1S!

Mass Effect (@masseffect) November 7, 2022.

The fans quickly deciphered a message hidden in, the letter of Liara T’Soni and his words proclaiming: “The Council will be furious! Though they should know not to underestimate people defiance by now!”

Thanks to all the agents who decoded their footage. Here’s a clean transmission, https://t.co/iADrTHnU6 S picitwittering:com and LNBNNM05 [email protected]

Mass Effect ( @mass effect) November 7, 2022

That’s about everything that we must go on. The drought is so deep that fans, nearly two years later the posters continue to go looking for clues. Mass Effect fans are also hoping for some sort of update this day. Perhaps one more tease is going to work. As soon as possible, let’s not forget that a parent company called EA eliminated 50 jobs at BioWare in August. 7 of whom are now filing for better compensation to the company!

After the layoffs began, bioWare’ manager Gary McKay said that these cuts reflect an extended long-term vision and were part of increased creativity in studio. He added that while BioWare was committed to supporting affected employees, besides finding them placement elsewhere within the company and looking forward for further benefits.

McKay insisted that BioWares’ commitment to the fourth major Dragon Age games will remain steadfast, while the next Mass Effect continued on as planned.

To that end, there’s always Humanistics to think about.

I think about the idea of being used for Metahuman in that future. I assume it’s working with humans and Asari (and maybe Quarian) but in what way would it work? We wonder if it could have worked to less human looking alien countries like Salaria, Turians etc. That’s a pretty tech!

baun (@sandiesel) October 17, 2023


Greg Palmer (@groggypalmer) October 17, 2023

And yet nobody said such a thing was more than just two words.

McDookie Lips (@strokingweinis) October 17, 2023.


Michael? (@infairtaste) October 17, 2023.

And also another crumb has been given to massive effect youtubers across the globe.

The October 17, 2023, Austin Collier (@HecticHivemind) Oct.


Dantics (@Danticofficial) November 17, 2023.

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