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Fans worry that characters and stories in Fire Emblem Engage won’t be creative as three houses are set up to open

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When you look at the Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’ll get the most feedback on your reception and review score. This set the bar bar for any game in the series afterward. Many devotees are considering whether the forthcoming game, Fire Emblem Engage, is capable of meeting these high standards. The official release of Fire Emblem is less than a month away. From what have been shown in the trailers so far, the consensus from fans is that they are excited to jump into the game, but they are wary about whether the final product will be able to live up to the narrative expectations of Three Houses.

In the past few weeks, fans were very active in various things including mechanics and mini-games. Nintendo has a few stories trailers that contain many titles and one can only see why the main stories are so unimportant.

When it comes to having a look, fans worry that a lot of parties members have too many positive and friendly personalities. They get nervous for a clear-cut tale of good versus evil, that not create friction for players as they enter the plot against the villains, known as the Four Hounds and attempt to release the Fell Dragon, Sombron.

What stood up to three houses was that players were able to choose the faction they wanted to play at the start. The factions had a huge range of famous characters that created each of them and separated — the difference was a big difference in the story and the substantial changes to the story. For those who don’t already know, the big twist was that one of these houses would turn against the other, ensnaring everyone in the country. When the first game finished the second half, this meaningful twist set the stage for the story’s second half, and any future playthrough.

Many of the characters featured in Three Houses were surprised to find a great depth, and the players haven’t seen that from the recent trailers. There is a lot of doubt in the area of Fire Emblem Engage. Regardless of the gameplay videos released by Nintendo, many are eager to try it and explore the difficult tactical tactics in the next mainline Fire Emblem game.


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