Farwoods expands its furnishings and dye options so players can make smaller burrows


Sure, there are bandits in the graphic MUD of Farwoods, but it doesn’t mean player burrows should be spartan or uninviting. This latest patch has helped you make the player housing a little warmer and more customizable. There have been numerous changes in the game’s timeline, which has helped him create a lot of burrows more personalized than ever.

This effort relates to the use of new lighting fixtures, to a stool-side, to bookcases and to the ability to dye wax and rugs, leaving now the latter with two different colors in total of over 200 color combinations. And if you like the kind of hen who likes to feed his company on visit to the space, there are now 14 new recipes for cooking and brewing.

This patch has also other new craftable items, introduced 12 new lore books and made some overall modifications and tweaks. The patches spell it out.

source: official site via Reddit.


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