Febby fallout: Pro Dota 2 player banned for showing incompletely nudity on stream


During the second half of 2023 season, Arkosh Gamings Dota Pro Circuit dreams were dissipated. Although the organization’s latest team isn’t due to internal conflicts, it’s been just as usual for staff members who are also streamers.

Kim Febby Yong-min has been streaming Dota 2 and real-life adventures at Twitch, but was recently hehed a ban on children because of adult tense.

Two-participant ban was also used to get involved.

StreamerBans (@StreamerBans) January 5, 2023

Fans of Febby might wonder what stunt the professional Dota 2 player might pull off to deserve the ban. Although the ban wasn’t mandatory, Febby didn’t know what would happen to it.

Febby watched an event before the ban, and there was a scene full of nudity in it. While it was unintentional, Twitch is a bit dated when implementing such rules, thus the two-day suspension for Febby is a sign of a re-organization.

According to the ban message shared by Febby on Discord, the condition that got the Korean player suspended took place in 2001, a simple date value bug, suggesting that he was banned during New Years Eve.

As Febby was launched in 2023, with a Twitch ban, he was recently central to a North American Dota II drama. The former MVP player was seen taking cannabis edible early in the qualifiers and continued to draft questionable heroes for his teammates. His teammates at Arkosh didn’t appreciate the fact that he wasn’t making the competitive face for the DPC qualifying, which would make the team an easy choice for Arkoshs to downfall.

Arkosh members performed poorly, and the team shattered away through an unknown stack. The community members considered the roster a winner of the best in the game, so they were shocked when they saw him go out without proper fight.


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