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Final Fantasy 16 won’t receive two payable DLC Installments

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Upon reaching the conclusion of the final fantasy of Square Enixs, the company announced several big announcements at PAX West 2023, according to the producer Naoki Yoshida. It includes two installments of paid content that have started to develop.

Since development is starting, it will likely be some time before a release window is given (with more details coming next year). Nevertheless, it should be interesting to see what happens after the base game due to the tight ends.

Final Fantasy 16 was released on June 22nd for PS5 and received extensive critical acclaim. You can find our review. Despite having already sold over three million units in the launch week, Square Enix viewed its initial sales as extremely strong, it still didn’t meet the high expectation.

As for the Square Enix president, Takashi Kiryu, the console is installed, so the company plans to increase its sales for new adopters. The action movie is still 20 percent off on the PlayStation Store until September 7th, which is potentially part of that initiative. You are getting more information between them.

Here’s a video message that’s from Final Fantasy XVI creator Naoki Yoshida. #FF16 pic.twitter.com/MjyKzQXHRN.

FINAL FANTASY XVI (@finalfantasyxvi) September 3, 2023.

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