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Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, a trailer prepares us for the fast launch of iOS and Android

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To date, Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis – a point of view of the imminent launch of the game, which we remember from September 7, 2023 on mobile devices iOS e Android.

The Countdown to Launch Trailer showcases cinematic and gameplay sequences that involve the major players in the Final Fantasy 7 universe, from Cloud to Zack, from Tifa to Sephiroth. These events let us see more details in a weird teenage look, with short hair.

With the trailer “Countdown to Launch”, we began the countdown to the worldwide launch of Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, said director Tetsuya Nomura in a post on Twitter/X. The game has evolved from closed beta and we were getting enough feedback from you. I hope you continue to feel excited about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth by playing Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis.

Final Fantasy 7 is ever in a crisis?

For those who don’t know, Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is a mobile game. This is a fun and accessible game that brings together the entire universe of Final Fantasy 7 and allows you to reproduce the relives of both the original and the original characters, this, as well as the classics of Advent, the story, the story of the series, the story of the story or plots or the mystery of the novel.

The game will be released in monthly episodes and has a combat system based on active time Battle of the original Final Fantasy 7. I think that all this time is a good time to register on Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis website.

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