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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Now “Fully Playable” With A Motion-Controlled Buster Sword

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Those who want to know more about how a human-kind game would be, can be an explosive turnover as somebody created the perfectly fully believable motion-controlled version of that famous weapon.

Peripherals modder Super Louis 64 created a touch screen, showing it in a video (below). The creator recorded himself playing Elden Ring with a banana as a controller and Final Fantasy 14 with a slice of pizza, but now he’s made something much more substantial and similar to the actual weapon shown in the game (via VGC).


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Using the same type of gesture as that seen in the video, Super Louis 64 can attack enemy forces; guard against the attacks using a replica sword as you can; and move everything. It’s certainly a way of bringing the game to life, but Super Louis 64 looks a little tired at the end of the clip.

His Buster Sword is about large, as is the oversized weapon in the game, and cloud must possess superhuman strength, and shit its power because he does his best with an efficient arms-and-finger force and he can defend his entire fight against the endless beasts in the game, and it must mean one hefty exercise. But at least people can say they’re getting good exercise during Final Fantasy 7 Remake if they use Super Louis 64’s motion controller. As he says in his tweet, the controller looks like it works well for the PlayStation 5, and the PC.

According to the creator, the full YouTube video of the creation of this Buster Sword controller will be uploaded on Monday, and I’m sure many people will have questions, which Louis will answer. If he does give you instructions for how players can play his Buster Sword controller, then we will not know for sure until the video is published but now it seems like an odd gesture.


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