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Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters get Switch and PlayStation Release Window

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The Final Fantasy Pixel collection is released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. The company already released all six games individually on Steam in 2022, bringing the classic 60 and 90 titles able to be mastered to a modern platform for you to experience. In spring of 2023, these six titles will be sold as a full collection for both platforms. They aren’t being sold by anyone. As you can see from the promo image below, you can buy two consoles for a special 35th Anniversary Edition which is very versatile. A car is part of the movie. This special version will only print a limited number of copies, which they sell for pre-order now on their website for $75 per piece.

One look at the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection, courtesy of Square Enix.

The classic Final Fantasy movie was reborn thanks to vivid 2D pixel graphics and the beautifully rearranged soundtrack. The gaming is improved with a modernized UI, and other additions such as a bestiary, an illustration gallery, and a music player allow the user to get closer into the world of the game. These games are completely new remaster editions, based on original titles. Some of the modifications and additional elements found in the other remakes of these games are not included.

  • All of the 2D pixel graphics are fully updated, announcing the iconic Final Fantasy Characters created by Kazuko Shibuya, the original artist, and the actual collaborator.
  • The beautifully rearranged soundtrack is dated to Final Fantasy with the direction of Nobuo Uematsu, originally composed of the composer Nobuo.
  • Game change, with upgraded UI, enticing options and much more.
  • Try taking part in the fantasy game with more than one extra game.

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