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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth helped Square Enix rediscover the spirit of the series

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After a decade of taking the series too seriously, the 2020s Final Fantasy 7 remake was a return to the fun and hilarious charm of Square Enix’s iconic JRPG series. After being able to work on the remake and its sequel, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Square Enix helped the franchise rediscover what fans loved about the franchise in the first place.

In a talk with Japanese newspaper Denfaminico Gamer, the developers of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth said that the company would study new games to understand the strengths of classic FF games. After Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV failed from a community perspective, developers felt a deep desire to find the spirit of the story, ne matter what the core strength of the novel is.

Since we created Final Fantasy Games from the Famicom (NES) to the PlayStation, we made all the weirdest tweaks simply because we wanted to, says Yoshinori Kitase, longtime producer. Since hardware becomes more powerful and graphics become more realistic, it becomes easier to add crazy ideas like in the past.

After the addition of some of Final Fantasy 7s sweeter, funnier ideas into the remake, such as the Clouds dress-up segment or the dating scene in Saucer of Gold, the team realized that it didn’t have to cut out everything that was great about the series.

In making this remake, we added the delicacies of the old-day game we feel belong to, while showing the realistic world, pushed Kitase on. In my opinion, by keeping a balance between reality and toy-ness, we preserve the spirit of FF7. If we’re only focused on realizing the realism, we’ll end up throwing out many stupid elements. We’re keeping the fun FF7 atmosphere.

However, the uniqueness of FF7 didn’t change plans for new components. According to the latest part of the series Final Fantasy XVI, the latter still makes it harder to take a second to see.

As hardware becomes more advanced and development time longer, I still think FF is a game that has everything and everything, says the animator Tetsuya Nomura. We create the remake, whose purpose is to put it all together like old days. This is only possible because we have the original FF7 as a design basis.

In short, the developers added what they want to the game and they were able to do it because they had the original FF7 as a starting point. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is not just a remake of the original games, it is also the second part of a new approach to storytelling. If the second part is done, it will likely get changed dramatically, especially if the second part starts. The next part of that game is the addition of a chapter to Zack Fair.

Let us tell you about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on February 29, 2024 as a temporary exclusive for PlayStation 5.

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