Final Fantasy XI has released an update for its January release with more unforeseen changes


The upcoming arc of Final Fantasy XIII is nearing its climax: the chapter 10 will start on January 11, the next major update will be on January 11th. I’m not really sad, but I’ll love this, the big hits of chapter 11 or so; to take a little longer time between the two installments, please, as the various events and battles play out right away. The player will only need some extra patience as it runs out, but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

The version update also incorporates the monthly rotation of ambuscade games, complete with an uniseled battle, inspired by a Japanese-inspired game. With this new year off, it is a light update; but considering the fact that the climax of the games’ first major story arc is near, and when the team announced that they will not have any more major arcs is still at the end, we think the team deserves a pass.

Source: Official Site.


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