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Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter reveals the complete update of Patch 6 content

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The most recent Live Letter of Final Fantasy XIV, published by the Producer last penned by the fans, reveals what’s coming in Patch 6.3. The update is an enormous one and there’s plenty of information that the team needs to get involved so players can see what to expect.

The first bit of information that is almost always given in the second part of live letters for patch updates is the date that it arrives. Patch 6.3 is coming on Jan. 10, 2023. A small update will follow two weeks later for small tweaks and the new Ultimate was teased in the last live letter and in the trailer to the update.

Here is everything that production designer Naoki Yoshi-P Yoshida announced during Live Letter 75. The story is part of the content update for Patch 6.3.

  • New Scenario Quests For Those New: First, they sat down.
  • New Sidequests
    • Tatarus’ Great Endearation continues.
      • To continue, players must complete the quests Small Business, Big Dreams and Four Lords (Strictly 6th) to complete the challenge.
    • The story of Newfound Adventure continues to be published.
    • Somehow further Hildibrand Adventures Coming in patch 6.35.
  • Weapons from Manderville will come in Patch 6.35.
  • New Beasts are Losorits.
    • Guides to the Handcrafting quest.
      • Players must complete Main Scenario Quest Endwalker and the Grande Lamentorum sidequest series starting with The Name That Way.
  • New Dungeon
  • New Trials no mention, likely to cause story spoilers.
  • New unremarkable trial will be thrown back in time for this trial.
    • Containment Bay P1T6 (non real)
  • The new alliance attack left nothing.
  • Time to buy a Supernatural No.5 – a resuscitation by a company named Victor.
    • Omega Protocol (used): The Ultimate protocol.
      • First, players must complete Abyssos: A tower of the 80s (“Savage”).
  • Patch 6.35 of Deep Dungeon #3 Patch.
    • Eureka Orthos
      • Players must first complete the quest Endwalker and move to floor 50 of the Dead’s Palace.
  • Duty Support for Heavensward.
    • Duty support added for:
      • The Great Library of Gubal is a large library.
      • Aetherochemical Research Facility – The Aetherochemical Research Facility.
      • The Antitower
      • Sohr Khai
      • Xelphatol
      • Baelsars Wall
  • Job Adjustments
    • General adjustments
      • Adjustments to usability for certain actions should be implemented.
  • Paladin rework
    • Three rotations of action require significant changes.
    • Planadin rework: objectives and reforms.
      • Reaction efficiency and rotations increase the ability to deal with sudden damage.
      • By reducing your time spent, you can more easily lose in damage.
    • Rotations have been shortened to accommodate high-powered actions.
    • Damage over time effect on Ying Blade and Sing Blade of Valor was removed and its strength adjusted to the right amount of time.
    • Divine Might is now applied in weaponskill combinations, so that an enhanced Holy Spirit can be executed once without casting the enemy.
    • Sheltrons effects have been changed to reduce damage taken, which increases defensive capabilities against damage over time.
    • The previously removed Bulwark ability has been revamped and reintroduced, offering a greater defensive capability.
      • As well as the utility of several other modes of action and combos, the effects of several more actions and combos have been adjusted.
  • PvP Updates
    • PvP Season 3 starts at once.
    • Season five of Crystallize Defendants – Season 6 of the ‘Clarkling Wars’
    • New arena for Crystalline Conflict The Clockwork Castletown will replace the building’s existing structure.
  • Creation, gathering and painting updates.
    • Sharping, sharpening, and sharpening.
      • Players must complete the MSQ Endwalker and the Disciples of the Land/Hand quest The Crystalline Mean. To unlock the Boutique of Splendors by speaking in Eulmore with Mowen.
      • New Customs: Anden.
      • As a reference to collecting collectible items, the collectible values will be displayed for reference.
      • The Fish Guide will include primary fishing locations, preferred bait and additional conditions.
      • There is a new fishing location in Upper La Noscea.
  • Island Sanctuary updates.
    • New sanctuary ranks and new visions.
    • New items reward customers.
    • The new material, the plant, the animals, and the isle crafts are available from the ground.
    • New structures
    • Optimised workshop interfaces (Agenda/Supply and demand/earnings report)
      • What can be filter and sort for the Demand Research Survey? The ability to filter by critera etc.
    • If you have the right to collect the money and all available cash, you can pick one of the next two.
    • As long as a new animal receives, the animal will be eligible for release.
    • The ability to save orchestrion settings is crucial.
    • Island visitors now hear the islekeep orchestrion oracle or the island-like sound.
    • Warnings for visitors to spawning on the island.
  • Treasure Hunt update.
    • The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon is the opposite.
      • Portal accessible via a new treasure map in Elpis in a way that can be accessed via a map that’s available and used in Elpis.
  • Gold, saucer update.
    • The new course was made for Leap of Faith.
  • Housing update
    • You’ll get extra rooms in all the neighborhoods.
      • Six wards obliterated and six subdivisions (1,800 new plots per world) (recreations and enforcations of one or more square feet a year).
      • The lottery is available for purchase using the lottery.
        • Away from the house availability available in existing wards, plots in newly added wards are unavailable to purchase at the following Worlds at the moment.
          • Dynamys DC Halicarnassus/Maudin/Marilith/Seraph)
          • Ghost/Sagittarius Chaos DC.
          • A basic DC Alpha/Raiden light.
          • Materia DC-Bodenmark, Rivana, Sephirot, Sophia/Zurvan.
        • The Lodestone Lodestone website details the two options, available to free companies and private buyers.
  • UI Improvements
    • Icons for damage types are now displayed in the Battle Log and fly text.
      • Three types of physical, magic, and unique types of shapes and sizes.
    • Ability to show remaining time for a buff or debuff in the party’s table.
  • Misc updates
    • Another UI Theme #3 Blue.
    • The portrait is available now using the Duty Finder.
      • Only party members will be displayed during Alliance Raids.
    • Accommodations of the accessible activities by using fashion accessories.
      • Availability of easy-to-use umbrella during rain – allowing you to change your set to dry before you open it.
        • Might have been added for snow, but it’s just raining now.
    • Fail to cast glamours and dye a retainer, without removing it.
    • Ability to take pride in your own equipment directly from the reserve stores.
    • Ability to filter items recently added as Sundry Splendors suppliers.


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