Final Fantasy XIV takes a closer look at the years of the Earthsturn celebrations


So, how familiar are you with the Japanese folklore? Because those traditions are too relevant, so is it a possibility that this year’s Final Fantasy XIV in-game event, marking the new year’s Heavensturn, will come to Eorzea this year as it introduces this year’s “Circularsturn”. They are strips of paper you receive to help the temple, and thus serve as a prediction of the coming year, if you expect to receive fortune or bad next year. And you’ll get one on your own this year, as it turns out. Therefore, if you want to see the future well, we can guess that at least! The Final Fantasy of the 4th.

Of course, all the things come from the usual official post in this area. Players get a little deeper into the rewards and structure of the event. And they will also have a sense of the new armor set for this years celebration, as well as the new housing decoration. Heavensturn takes place on the 31st December, so do your best to give, do your best, and buy your fortune.

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