Final Fantasy XIV updated its preview site for Gods Revel, Lands Quake with more content


Final Fantasy XIV’s next major patch now around the corner, the games special site for the update has been expanded to include the remaining parts in the interim patch 6.35, and the more content for the patch itself. Do the new screenshots reveal an energetic guy radiantly oiled up? They don’t believe this. Do they include the most bedazzled elephant of 2023, an award category that is long and difficult to win, but isn’t going to be so much? Good thing! Do they include new pictures of Hildibrand at a time before an exaggerated physical activity takes place? You’ve got it!

Of course, there is also more lore. See the previous preview of Eureka Orthos – with more Allagan chambers hidden under the Crystal Tower -. This is one of the things that the pixies seem to recognize in the process of calculating the tax deductions. That just raises more questions, but in order to get all of these questions answered, it will take a little while. At least, I’ll respond on January 10 when the main patch ends.

Source: Site Official.


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