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Final Fantasy XVI News Directly from South Korea

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It was news of Final Fantasy XVI in PAX West. It started with the free update which is now available and for which a trailer was shown.

The producer said it was the first to announce that two paid expansions for Final Fantasy XVI are scheduled. It wasn’t originally planned, but the players wish that was in this regard have borne fruit. The PC version of the action game is currently being developed. However, it is currently undermined.

Final Fantasy The fate of the world is decided by beasts called Espers and Domini, people who can summon their power.

The story is told by Clive Rosfield, an armist, named the First Shield of Rosaria and who swore to protect his brother Joshua, who is the “Dominus of the Phoenix, the Snorge of Fire.” It is not long before the esper Ifrit was ruled a creature that never leaves for destruction until the birth of his eyes.

Final Fantasy XVI has been available exclusively for PS5 since June 22nd. The exclusiveity of this product lasts six months. Ports for other platforms are then possible.

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