Final Fantasy XVI News may be coming to an end in 2023


After its June 23, 2022 release, Square Enix announced new Final Fantasy XVI news. The company shared this confirmation through a Japanese Twitter account for the game. While brief, it also mentions that more information about it will appear before it’s imminent release. No specific details have yet been shared on what such information is. Only those new details will be shared at one time or another in the future.

An excerpt from the tweet about future news included a piece of previously released key characters in Final Fantasy XVI. They are talking about the protagonist in their early years. The characters tidied in the scene while they were surrounded by unidentified ruins. Here’s a picture of that art.



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FINAL FANTASY XVI (@FF16_JP) December 26, 2022

As soon as Final Fantasy XVI began, Square Enix shares some details of the game. That includes information about his story mode difficulty, which will include accessories players can equip the journey to make it a little easier. The developer also revealed a little more about the cast, including the role that Jill and Cid might play. With a little bit of gameplay, Square Enix filmed what the skill tree would look like in Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI is expected to release forPlayStation 5 on June 23 2022.


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