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Final Fantasy XVI PC and DLC-News coming in 2023

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After the upcoming Square Enixs presentation on an Open Live documentary, author Naoki Yoshida teased the final Fantasy XVIPC with DLC and a syllabic subtitle. Two add-ons will be released. They will both be paid. The PC port is already in development, as he said.

You could not find out what the Final Fantasy XVI DLC means. Of course they’re going to be new or unknown stories. No insight was found into what PC port also means.

Here’s the official reveal:

Here’s a special video from Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida. – #FF16 pic.twitter.com/MjyKzQXHRN

Finalfantasyxvi September 3, 2023

We learned that some add-ons were coming to the game, but we still don’t know what to expect. The updates are on September 2, 2023. Anyone with that game will be able to learn new things, as well as several general fixes. Five characters have new looks in this patch. In addition, there’ll be a new weapon glamour feature. In effect, it looks like Clive is using another of his other swords, while in reality is in the position to equip a stronger one of his strongest swords, he found along the way.

Final Fantasy XVI and its free costume updates are available for the PlayStation 5 as well as the free demo. The Final Fantasy XVI will release six months later.

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