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Finale for Bachelorette: What happened & who’s the new bachelor?

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The recently anticipated The Bachelorette Season 20 finale appeared on ABC and shows Charitys chose. Fans curiously know what happens during the Bachelorette finale, especially since there are some technical problems and the episode isn’t yet available on Hulu. Did Charity pick Dotun or Joey? Who’ll star next in 2024? Here’s what you should know.

What happened after the final of a bachelors?

The charity ultimately picked Dotun.

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The Bachelorette, with whom Dotun scored, he’s a final pick. In the episode, Dotun displayed a stronger emotional connection with Charity and sent meaningful gifts that showcased their journey together. When he proposed a heartfelt speech and a ring, she happily accepted. The couple appeared truly in love and enjoyed about their future together, starting with their pre-honeymoon trip to Greece.

Charity faced a tough decision between her two finalists, Joey and Dotun. Joey seemed genuine and she was a strong member of her friendship, but even his framed love poem was a loss for Charity. After a heartfelt discussion with her family, Charity eliminated Joey during the proposal, expressing respect and gratitude for their time together.

Who is the new bachelor for 2024?

Joey Graziadei is the next star of The Bachelor for 2024.

The tennis pro on Hawaii was struck up by Charity’s choice. With the reality that the Bachelorette season 20 finale unveiled, Joey would become the next Bachelor for the season 28, with the Hawaii contestant named Leia being chosen to come along on a journey. Joey seemed excited to see what was next for him, but she died.

Bachelor season 28 premieres in January on ABC.

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