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Find weapons lockers in Call of Duty War Zone 2.0

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Your lootin time has been perfect.

InIncensement: Warzone 2.0, any little advantage it can give will be the difference between life and death. I think the more risks you frightened to take, the more chances you are to get caught in an action or that will be good for your victory. One of those risks is to hire guns to attack opponents. Although they often are heavily guarded or placed in difficult-to-reach areas, they can save you some important guns and ammunition.

Though they contain highly powerful weapons and other items, the weapon lockers are not always easy to find around the map. There are only a few places they will surely spawn, and even if they are close to impossible, depending on where you drop and where your enemies are. Many players also have daily challenges to open three weapons lockers; this strategy is useful in completing that and overcoming that.

Somewhere they will find them are the strongholds around Al Mazrah. From the Battle Royale onwards to the strongholds, you’ll have to buy a keycard in DMZ. Like most loot drops in the game, there’s no guarantee that there’ll be a weapon locker in there; however, in terms of dropping close to the start of the game, the best bet is that you can find it easily.

If you don’t succeed at first, you will succeed.

The other option that’s more reliable is to use the police station that spawns on the map. These building has three floors with the lockers upstairs. They aren’t usually guarded as heavily as the strongholds, but be careful not to play well, and it is good to remember that other players will also know that the good loot is on the ground, and the chances of getting in into another team are higher.

As with most times in battle royale, it’s about weighing risks and rewards. These weapons are often made up of a pair of ropes that can get them harder than normal, whereas others like lethals can get you out of a pinch. Gaining access to weapons lockers might require some extra strength and patience, but it’s not easy to ensure the win.

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