Fire and re-start the Annies flames in League and changes were planned for patch 13.2 on April 11


Many League of Legends champions are coming in for a new wave of change in 2023; more obscure characters now rank in this list. An upcoming batch of changes is directly targeting one of the oldest champions in the game who fights at all levels.

Riot Ray Yonggi, Game Analyst at Riot Games, released the extensive updates for the Patch 13.2, which will update the live community on Jan. 24. He stated in the post that Annie had been struggling to convert wins, even when matched against mainly melee mid lakers, she should be advantaged into, thus being able to tune on nearly her entire kit.

For 13, 2 and 2 I’ll implement an Annie Improvements. While looking to give his buffs in ways that reduce pain points around spending mana to generate passive, Tibbers lifetime and E usability. I hope that that will reflect this on PBE in the next few days.

Ray Williams (@RiotRayYonggi) January 5, 2023

Annie will replace her active opponent with an impressive amount of strength of self-confidence and all the while improving her ability. If she respawns, her passive will also get full stacks so she can run it back to the lane.

Annies W will have the mana cost reduced early so the laning phase would be more expensive. Her ultimate, in which she summons Tibbers, is now able to give Tibbers more HP and resistances based on her AP, although the duration that the summon lasts before expiration remains unchanged.

A few years ago, Annie received the update to her E which enabled her to put the shield on allies. In the update, the shield will become stronger and its strength is boosted. In addition to the damage it is reflecting back at enemiesnow reflecting both the damage done by abilities. It will activate only once per enemy action a time.

The latest discoveries on Leagues Patch 13.2 have implied that the art and sustainability update to Ahri, plus the comprehensive gameplay update to Aurelion Sol could soon be launched alongside this patch. The change to the pb’s will be available in the coming weeks, although it may be altered before they are released to live servers.


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