Firefox 108.0.2 fixes high volume crashes for video playback and browser history management


Mozilla let go Firefox 108.0.2 today brings bug fixes for two high-volume crashes. The first fix addresses a crash related to video playback in Mac OS X 10.12 – 10.14 and the second fix addresses a crash when managing browser history. According to Bugzilla’s entries, both issues were originally intended for larger updates in the future, but due to the occurrence of the issues, it was decided that a spot release should be pushed to users.

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To get these fixes, you just need to update your Firefox installation, you can do this by going to the Firefox menu, clicking Help, and then finding About Firefox. The dialog box that appears will let you know if there are any updates available. If you don’t want to mess around, just leave Firefox to install the update automatically on its own time.

The Bugzilla report for the browser history crash is quite interesting, in one of the upload confirmation requests it indicates that the crash was “trivial” to fix and that there was a problem with some “ancient code”. It just goes to show how big the browser project code base is that code can sit there long enough without change to be called ancient. as per Mozilla Hacks in 2020Firefox has a whopping 21 million lines of code.

Aside from these two important bug fixes, Mozilla, under the Changed section of the release notes, said that the Tab Sharing Devices menu for WebRTC has been moved to the Tools menu on macOS only. The item was moved because WebRTC dynamically creates this menu entry in the Windows menu on macOS, which can stop working when the list of menu items has changed.

The next major version, Firefox 109, is due out on January 17th. according- Beta release notesManifest version 3 will be enabled by default in Firefox 109.


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