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Firefox 118 comes with automatic web translation, video effects, font improvements and more

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Taras Buria


Sep 26, 2023 09:48 am EDT

Firefox 118 is now available for all users in the release channel. The latest feature update introduces several important changes, such as automatic translation of web content with local rendering, font improvements, support for video effects in Google Meet, and add-on suggestions for Firefox Suggest users in the United States. There are also traditional security patches to make your browsing experience safer.

It is worth noting that the release of Firefox 118.0 marks the end of support for the Firefox 102 Extended Support Release. From now on, version 115 is the only supported ESR release.

What’s new in Firefox 118.0?


  • Automatic translation of web content is now available for Firefox users! Unlike cloud-based alternatives, the translation is done locally in Firefox, so the translated text does not leave your computer.

  • Web Audio in Firefox now uses the FDLIBM math library on all systems to improve anonymity Fingerprint protection.

  • The exposure of fonts to websites has been limited to system fonts and language set fonts to reduce font fingerprinting in private browsing windows.

  • Video effects and background blur are now available for Firefox users on Google Meet! (Note: These effects were also retroactively released to support Firefox versions back to Firefox 115.)

  • Firefox Suggest users (US only at this time) will now be able to see browser add-on suggestions right in the address bar based on their keywords.


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  • 10 new CSS math functions are now supported: round, mod, rem, pow, sqrt, hypot, log, exp, abs, sign.

  • Sealed response blocking Now enabled by default.

Developers can find developer-related changes in Firefox 118.0 on a dedicated page. Policy updates and organization-specific bug fixes are available In Firefox for Enterprise 118 Release Notes.

You can download Firefox from the official website. The browser is also available From the Microsoft Store for those using Windows 10 and 11.

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