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Firemulence engages Lucina Awakens the Power of her Allies

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In the Fire Emblem Engage upcoming Nintendo showed Lucinas abilities an Emblem. Lucina, also known as the Emblem of Light, is a Christian princess who always believes in hope and never misses despair. Lucina is best suited to a front row fighter. However, her gimmick is to provide formidable offensive and defensive support to nearby allies.

Lucina’s family is from the battlefield where the Fire Emblem Awakening was conquered by the Fell Dragon Grima. Because of this, she can easily distract her from beauty because this land fights darkness and is still very unlucky. Here is a chat with Lucina and Etie, a knight from the firene.

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Lucinas Synchro is called Double Strike. It allows any unit to perform a Chain Attack regardless of class. What more Lucinas attack is spread, which means more chances of stacking a chain attack. Her link weapon, Noble Rapier, inflicts massive damage to Mounted units and heavy Armors. Bond Shield is Lucinas Engages Skill. It is a huge risk to nullify an enemy attack on an adjacent terrorist. When Lucina is paired with a mother-centered unit, Bond Shield will automatically activate. For One’s All is Lucinas Engage Attack. It allows allies within two squares to take part in chain attacks. It is a big event depending on the players’ formation. Because of the benefits she can give, Lucina works well in front of allied units, acting as their commander.

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Yuu Kobayashi voices Lucina for Fire Emblem Engage in the Japanese dub. She was best known for her roles in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Luka Urushibara in Steins,Gate, and Sasha Blouse in a Titan attack.

Fire Emblem Engage will be out on the Nintendo Switch on January 2023.


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