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First Screenshots for the PC were Revealed

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Clover Bites GRIME, a name set in a surreal world of rock-like beings, is about to get a sequel. GRIME 2 is coming to PC via Steam, although no date was announced. Check out the first images below.

GRIME 2 sees players as the Formless, (aka the Stealer of Forms), capable of tapping tendrils to move items and create a material-type mold. You’ll explore a new realm at the same age and interact with different people, cultures, and characters. A new boss and a new enemy await, but you’ve got new weapons and skills, and the ability to summon those absorbed enemies as Molds in battle.

Molds can also be used as special attacks, such as projectiles to target enemies from range or stun foes. These tendrils may parry and, if necessary, you can parry them. This is pretty nice, with a lot of photos and pictures taken on the wall of the wall. Your idea is as good as ours about what that means.

If you want more details on GRIME, you can expect it to come out as soon as possible. Fans are also expected to expect a third update following the Switch release.

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