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Five games that absolutely require a sequel

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It has been possible to see the best movies or the musical performance in the world of cinema, and the audience has already watched by many critics and the audience. But then they never film again; it will still be limited to the present, whether because the authors didn’t know anything or because they had already said everything in that brand.

Yet, some works really deserve to revisit the scene with a new chapter that enables them to expand their myth and qualities further. Below you will find 5 games that need more sequels or later, just the one that you can imagine.


Perhaps the most sought-after sequel is already seen by the public, and for several years. In fact 2015, Bloodborne was announced as a debut sur PS4 and became one of FromSoftware’s favorite movies. Hidetaka Miyazaki built an instant classic with Souls mechanics, dark atmospheres and styled scenarios — and built a dreadful one. Yet, so far, Bloodborne 2 has never been made, and no evidence of its return anytime soon. Now that is familiar, the second episode, perhaps one day, will begin to expand the playful and scenic ideas seen in the unforgettable predecessor.

The GX F-Zero is free.

The iconic futuristic racing game of Nintendo has always won great acclaim with each new iteration, averaging total playability with F-Zero GX per GameCube. However, after some minor games on GETthe series broke out, and the esotto is without success. The starring character of Falcon never comes to the attention of fans and fans continue to hope for a return sooner or later; at this point a new F-Zero would most probably arrive on the eventual Nintendo Switch and who knows if Nintendo really wants to get the brand back into production by next few years as soon as its new console becomes available.

Kain ruins its landslides.

Legacy of Kain has become an icon in the gaming scene, and is still remembered with affection today, even though the main series has been stopped since 2003, the year in which Legacy of Kain Defiance made its debut on the market. The thought is that the brand would have given players even more if carried forward with criteria, but it has been silent for at least two decades now. And this may be the case for the return of Legacy of Kain. After all of this years a direct sequel to Defiance seems very difficult, but a new exponent of the series would surely send all fans who still hope to play again Raziel e Kain.

Sunset Overdrive

The name Sunset Overdrive is a mononus in the career of Insomniac Games: released exclusively in 2014, Xbox One was a small company in which the acquisition was made for the new year and went on sale in 2019). The new concept is a rather original concept that mixes games like the Jet Set Radio and Tony Hawks Pro Skater in terms of playing, but also aesthetics and atmosphere. The result was one of the most intriguing products ever made by the Californian company, who have never entered a second chapter. Sunset Overdrive somehow deserves a sequel that can improve it further, to the delight of fans.

The Order of 1886 had no effect.

Although the lukewarm reception received when it released on PS4 in 2015, little by little The Order 1886 managed to make up its hard defender of enthusiasts who were impressed by the brilliant visual realization and the beautiful story. Because in the end, despite the real challenges, the work of Ready At Dawn definitely had a lot of potential, it didn’t feel full of its true impact. If a Order 2 does not exist, then it could be pure gold to allow that potential to explode in full depth. Unfortunately, the IP has already been fully set up in a drawer, as is the fact that nobody intends to open it for a second time.

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