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For PC and consoles, Bish Bash Bot: Co-op Party Extravaganza launches today

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G-LYFE Nation In an epic battle between humans and rogue machines, the CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD (C)et Firestoke are excited to announce that Bish Bash Bot be released on PCS: Xbox One! This group of co-op parties can combine the chaos that took place overcooked, and its thrill in arcade brawling — with complex tower defenses designed for couchcoops. Put yourself on the train for a hard adventure to rescue all.

Futuristic Frenzy.

In a unique twist on an actual future where machines took their lives and turned them against them, the unlikely group of heroes embarks upon that ambitious quest to change these alien robot-type movements in order for humanity. With 32 levels spanning 8 vibrant and colorful biomes, players will face different challenges: from surrets overheating in the Volcano biome to dangerous jungle situations where mutant plants may kill you for their own sake.

This is for comedy games.

Bish Bash Bots can be played by local or online co-op. For two hours, the game’ll accommodate 1 to 4 players and this makes it an ideal party match for anyone who enjoy a picnic experience like that! It seamlessly fits the strategic planning of tower defense with high-energy, frenzied brawling that is killing enemy soldiers and his friends alike in pursuits. Enroll new-grade turrets, unlock gadget and even bug bot are fitted with gigantic wings. With all of his turrets and gadget options, you can quickly adjust your strategy when you are facing unique robot who can easily be pushed or shoved into an unexpected light.

From the enthusiastic exclaimed by James Letherby, a co-founder of Caterney_OwloAD. “Bish Bash Bots enjoy and explore multiplayer with tower defense strategy for fun.” Build towers and create bludgeons with friends, family or go through single-player mode. We’re very proud to release our second game today with Firestoke on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. And we hope you have a great time in bot-blogging!

G-LYFE Nation delivers this exciting news without exaggeration and sales pitches, delivering all of the details you need to find out about that game in advance. Begin a bit with Bish Bash Bots and save one bot at once.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 5; X|S), Nintendo Switch.

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