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For PS5, the best online multiplayer games

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Let’s see together a list of some of the best online multiplayer games that’s on PlayStation 5.

Have you just renewed your PS Plus subscription? Did you join PS5 hungry for multiplayer games to challenge friends online? Well, you’re in the right place.

Make yourself comfortable now that we’re going to recommend a handful of titles you’ll love with the PlayStation flagship!

Rocket League

One of the Rocket League racing cars is racing.

Let’s start with what is a true classic that’s capable of constructing around itself a huge fan base that doesn’t seem satisfied with games yet: Rocket League.

The title of Psyonix is an adrenaline-filled and breathtaking mix of football and driving. It’s a physics-driven, yet powerful jet cars perform the most absurd maneuvers.

All of this means excellent fluidity and a detailed customization system, which ensures an already satisfactory offer. Plus the free-to-play and cross-play feature, you can challenge your friends on Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PC.

War frame

Warframe was still fun after a ten years.

Warframe is another good free-kick and is a single-person shooter set in space. This has remained to the public for 10 years. With constant improvements, this is now a great title, which attracts tens of thousands of players every day.

We also have cross-play, so if you like this genre, you should give it a chance.

Destiny 2

The story has become more compelling in Destiny 2 than anything else.

Destiny 2 is also in the same vein. Since he became free-to-play, the Bungie shooter continued to constantly add new weapons, systems and modifications.

The story eventually evolved into the last thing players cared about to the main reason that Guardians log in on daily basis, whereas Seasons provide a whole series of missions full of dialogue, intrigue and twists and turns. Raids and incursions have never been a strong point for the franchise.

And, in short, if you don’t mind spending a lot of time looking for the best loot, that is certainly one of the best multiplayer titles on PS5.

Shut out: Ultimate slick.

Guys: Extreme boneworms is pure madness.

The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is: a complete online title in which 60 players complete a series of challenges; one will only be crowned the winner. These challenges involve racing on courses full of obstacles, survival races in the most diverse conditions and finally small team games. Some of the 60 players, round by round, have begun to be eliminated. He remains the winner and will be remembered for posterity.

In short, a battle royale, but a simple and fun, which can be played by anyone as well because of the free and cross-play activities.


Dragon Ball is one of Fortnite’s most amazing crossovers.

The game that made the battle royale formula so popular could not be missed from that selection. Unfortunately, it doesn’t want to introduce this game as it’s definitely not needed. With millions of downloads from 2017 to now Fortnite became a genuine social phenomenon, finally realizing its true origins everywhere from the television to the music festival celebration.

Between regular updates and collaborations with the most famous franchises, Epic Games shooter can’t lose popularity and, even in this case, it can be downloaded and played online on PS5, without paying a single dollar.

Six Siege of the Rainbow.

Rainbow Six Siege continues to become a joke.

We close the selection of free-to-play titles with a long-standing shooter: Rainbow Six Siege. The game is being constantly updated in a year. Expands that introduced new things and regular changes that provide new possibilities. If youre looking for perfect cooperation rather than personal exploits in a shooter, this is for you.

Monster Hunters are enthralling.

Monster Hunters have absurd monsters.

After years of being exclusive to Nintendo consoles, the Monster Hunter series has returned to the big cross-platform with Monster Hunter World and, most recently, Rise. Since Capcom’s latest hunting game took a long time to reach PS5 after its debut on Switch, there is no excuse to do it. Even because Rises are mystical and hunting them in groups is probably one of the very satisfying activities to do online.

No. 7 Gran Turismo

In Gran Turismo 7, the level of detail of the cars is obsessive.

Among the many racing games on PlayStation, the 7-generation Gran Turismo is still taking a special place in gamers’ hearts. In fact, there are hundreds of cars in Yamauchi’s latest franchise, with which to ride on the most beautiful, natural and not. Obviously, when you enter the online platform, you should dedicate a few hours to single-player – a measure that will prevent too inexperienced players from launching on the track without learning the basics.

Diablo 4

In the long run, after 2023, Diablo IV is another of those exceptional titles that still manage to be exponentially more successful in multiplayer. In fact, the temptation of ringing together with friends, learning dungeons with them, and tackling demons at the most corner isn’t easy. The Blizzard game is hoping to continue and grow over the years, so starting now, you will probably have hundreds of hours to play.

Street Fighter 6:15 am.

Street Fighter 6 is the best fight game on the market.

Today we’ll be working on another best, 2023: Street Fighter 6:50. We find it difficult to come up with a better fight against this game. The new version of the historic Capcom series is in practically every aspect. The combat system is very deep and layered, the tutorials are so complete that they represent a little encyclopedia of the genre. The singleplayer modes will comfortably occupy hours of time, and the competitive online experience felt stronger than ever. Putting it on the list isn’t possible.

And which games do you spend the most time on the Internet?

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