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Forget the Nintendo Switch Pro. Click the switch 2

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In some recent years, we have been hearing about a supposed console Switch Proin a mid-cycle refresh for Nintendo, in a way very similar to what Sony and Microsoft have done with their consoles.

With a better performance, better resolution and a much bigger battery, the mountain that promised something, awoke to the concept of a new switch named OLED.

Yes, the Switch Pro should’ve been released during the pandemic around the time that the switch OLED was released. Since now there’s no time for Pro consoles, the next console for Nintendos is a new generation Switch.

Switch for Nintendo? Forget! Add the Switch 2 to that.

I was time to forget Switch Pro, which was apparently planned, but despite the difficulties inherent in the global pandemic, it wasn’t cancelled, but was very limited, so we had to go with Switch OLED. There are no internal updates on the console, but this has been a long time since the new era, and for now the OLED is a bit bigger than our regular.

That said, now that was about to enter 2023, and Switch is looking forward to 6 years old It’s time to come and see something really new and a little bit new. Despite the success of the console, the hardware is starting to show its age.

When do we look for the switch 2?

Before you go, you’ll forget about 2023 release. Nintendo has already started developing, but as far as you know, 2023 is likely the worst year since 2002.

In addition, 2023 will be the return of the sequel to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in a previous major console exclusivity, before the next generation of new generation of hybrid consoles.

How does it feel about all this? Is it time to talk about an alternate switch 2? Is it late? What would you like to see in the console?

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