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Forspoken has an issue with PS5, but it’ll be fixed before launch

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The Forspoken demo is hit by technical problems, the least of which is a lack of stable framerate, and a lack of HDR-based problem has also been reported, which, if active, worsens the overall visual performance of the game. Despite it being confirmed, that will be fixed soon.

In a recent livestream, the Luminous Productions team announced they are aware of these issues and are working to resolve them. However, the final version of Forspoken won’t have any problems with HDR and players can activate this option without being worried about degradation of the graphics.

The Forspoken demo did not convince the players but the studio justified itself by reiterating how the trial version is based on a previous build and in recent months, many progress in the future have been made from a technical point of view and the gameplay has been optimized and improved.

The new Square Enix game comes out on January 24, 2023 on PS5, and PC, Forspoken will be the exclusive PlayStation 5 console for at least two years, and also until January 20, 2025, and Final Fantasy XVI, as I recall, will be the exclusive PS5 console for at least six months. Have you tried the Forspoken PS5 demo? Have you liked it?

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