Forspoken will get some small accessibility improvements due to demo feedback


Forspoken is one of the newest games that Square Enix is working on. Recent update: Square launched a Forspoken Demo with a short run period that permits you to explore Athia and understand the game. The main problem is that there was a lot of issues which popped up since the demo launched. Poor buttons were also the very most frustrating and still were very annoying. Many have complained about unnecessary spamming of the R2 button that is needed in order to keep your magic in order for the most part, without ever leaving the pyjamas in time. Luckily, Square has already begun working on some of the issues at hand.

We’re listening to all your feedback and can confirm that the full game has increased text size, button-mapping and fixes the difficulties of certain players with this.,/.psg/ps/mp2o/stack/x.

Forspoken (@forspoken) December 21, 2022

In a post posted on Twitter, the devs showed they’re committed to listening to players feedback – a rare event in recent years. They have done that by increasing the text size, change the button mapping and fixing the HDR issues. They have even released pictures with the announcement as well, to show some of the changes at hand, and we can honestly say the increase in text size is welcome. There are still a few problems that plagued those who enjoyed the demo, like that feedback loop for Cuffs voice and sometimes resolution issues.

The Forspoken demo is still available on PlayStation 5 but hasn’t been made available on the Steam store yet. The demo, although short, allows you to study the game by yourself and see what Athia has to offer. If you have any issues, transfer them to Square and they can get away with it. If these changes are just in the way, the devs are listening to the player feedback and will make changes when necessary.


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