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Forza Horizon 5’s EventLab level creator is getting new tools and its own island next week

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With Forza Horizon 5, Developer Playground Games introduced EventLab, a toolkit for creating and sharing custom levels, races and more. The upcoming big update for Horizon Creatives’ open-world racer has been revealed in full at a Live earlierAnd its biggest addition will be the 2.0 upgrade to EventLab.

“While EventLab regularly receives new props for players to include in their creations, we’re now adding exciting new features that will let you bring your wildest ideas to life with an update we’re calling EventLab 2.0,” Playground said. “This new update includes a whole new set of tools, quality of life improvements and features that will allow you to create bigger events faster and better.”

With the update, the selection of accessories will become much easier thanks to the support for multiple selections. Once selected, you can rotate, move, duplicate or delete all items together to create an easier level. Multiple prop selections can also be saved as “prefabs” for later use, and even shared with other players via the Creative Hub menu.

However, the biggest addition of this update is the EventLab island. It is a 2km by 2km platform in the middle of the ocean (separated from the main map) that is fully customizable by players. It also features a much higher prop budget, allowing for much more creative freedom and complexity than when editing the standard world. Players can access their EventLab island via a link on the world map.

The update also includes brand new accessories for use in custom races, the ability to create custom flyers for events, a larger event browser, weather and time of day settings, new car rims and body parts, and several bug fixes.

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