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Forza Motorsport Trailer introduces New Track Grand Oak Raceway

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At launch, Forza Motorsports will feature 20 tracks, and since it will be 15 of these to familiarize fans of the series (like Road America), five will become completely new introduces. One of those was recently disclosed during an Insight of The New Year.

The track is called Grand Oak Raceway and has a combination of two straights that encourage speed, and multiple corners which challenge players with rapid passage through turns. The route’s seven turns over three kilometres. A new trailer puts the track on its full face with an overcast sky sky and a twist on its background. Try this below.

Recently, nine new toForza vehicles were revealed for the racing sims roster. Read more about that here.

Forza Motorsport is opening its doors for the Xbox Series X/S and PC on October 10th.

The new Grand Oak Raceway is easy to memorize but with long and swooping corners it’s the perfect place to take advantage of. – pic.twitter.com/bpQqiTCV was born in this configuration.

Forza Motorsport (@ForzaMotorsport) August 12, 2023.

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