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France bans the sale of iPhone 12 due to high radiation levels, Apple disputes the findings

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Hot on the heels of the iPhone 15 launch event, Apple has a situation to contend with in France. The country’s radiation watchdog ordered the American technology giant to stop selling its iPhone 12 model in France because of radiation levels that exceed the threshold.

France’s National Frequency Agency (ANFR) has informed Apple that it is banning the sale of iPhone 12 models in the country. The decision was made after ANFR conducted a series of tests which revealed that the specific absorption rate (SAR) of the smartphone exceeded the legal limit. France’s junior minister for the digital economy, Jean-Noel Barreau, shared this information in an interview published on Tuesday with Le Parisien Newspaper.

For those unaware, the European Union (EU) has a A limit on how much radiation cell phones can emit, which is called the SAR value. The French authority will also share its findings with regulators in other EU countries, which could lead to a wider ban on the iPhone 12.

Barot told the French newspaper that a software update should be enough to solve the radiation issue on the iPhone 12. He mentioned that Apple is expected to respond within two weeks, and if they don’t, it could result in the recall of all iPhone 12 models currently in circulation (via Reuters).

In their response to Reuters On Wednesday, Apple stated that their iPhone 12 model received approval from several international bodies, confirming its compliance with global radiation standards. Apple also noted that they shared various test results from both their own and independent third-party labs with ANFR, all of which confirmed their compliance with SAR regulations and global standards.

The Cupertino company expressed its disagreement with ANFR’s conclusions and conveyed its intention to work closely with the agency to demonstrate continued compliance.

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