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Free gives free presents to its subscribers and premium smartphones at discounted prices. The discounts for the week offer offer

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Didn’t have the time to follow the good deals on the last weekend? No worries, heres a summary to show that you don’t miss the best offer: free gives gifts to old and new subscribers with access to Disney+ and Canal+ Series, and many high-end smartphones like the Oppo Find X5 and Xiaomi 12 are on promotion.

If you have missed these weeks deals, don’t worry! To make this, we shared a small anthology of the best tips that we have shared in the past and still available when they write these lines.

This premium smartphone sold at 369 last year cost almost 1,000 euros.

What can we find from Oppo Find X5?

It’s full HD+ DALED screen at 120 Hz, A good camera from Hasselblads 80 W, high-speed charge up to 30 W. It’s 80 W, wireless and portable, double charged as well as 30 W.

When it comes to purchasing the Oppo Find X5 (8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage version), the X5 is now available at a very advantageous price of 369 euros. We shared an offer with a few tens of euros less one week ago via AliExpress, but at the time of writing these lines, the offer isn’t available anymore.

Xiaomi 12: This powerful smartphone loses almost 500 pounds in its starting price.

The Xiaomi 12-year-old in some points wins one.

A superb AMOLED screen refreshed at 120 Hz High performance and great fluidity Fast charging at 67 W.

The Xiaomi 12 is available on Amazon with a price of 399.90 euros.

Are you freebox subscribers? Free offers free access to Canal+ series for one year.

If you subscribe to a Fiber or ADSL offer at Free, you can rejoice. The operator is expanding its collaboration with Canal+, offering it possible to subscribe to a Canal+ series subscription for 12 months without additional cost. This offer is valid for new and old subscribers to Freebox Pop, Freebox Delta and Freebox Revolution packages.

Free has another wonderful gift to its Freebox Pop and Delta subscribers.

This time, Disney+ is a problem since it is possible for new and old subscribers to the freebox Pop and Freebox Delta Internetbox packages (not freebox revolution) to purchase three months of Disney+ for free, then 8.99 euros a month by the time that comes. Please note that this is only for people who don’t have Disney+. You can get rid of the ice cream without having to choose. Just go to channel 132 of the Freebox or get into the Subscriber Area.

Fiber Bbox fits the fiber B box.

Speed up to 400 kg/s.

TV with Sans Player being broadcast.

He uses telephone services to 110 destinations.

A piece of red light cable: a piece of fiber.

Speed up to 500 mb/s.

Sans Player TV is a good way of interacting with people.

Téléphony to 100 destinations.

Adaptive cable, FPT; Adaptive cable, RSV; /etc.

Speed up to 500 mb/s to meet speed.

There were 160 television channels, including one television channel.

Call in one of the three locations.

All the boxes on the internet are broken.

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