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Free Mobile has to improve its 5G plan without changing the price

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Free likes to take advantage of Tuesday mornings to announce its packages. The operator has decided to improve his Free 5G Package without changing its price.

Where other companies have increased the price of their mobile plans in accordance with inflation, Free has focused all of its communication on maintaining prices. The operator holds two historical packages at a cost of two euros per month, or at an cost of 19 cents per month.

And, in fact, the service offered at this blocked price cannot be improved. In fact, its the opposite since Free Mobile has just announced a major improvement in its package, without a change in price.

210 to 250 GB from 210 to 250GB.

As shown on X (formerly Twitter) the Free Package (which is priced at 19,999 euros per month) has the increase in information envelope from 210 GB to 250 GB in 4 or 5G. That change automatically applies to all affected plans starting today. You’ll receive the text or a text message.

Source: Mobile Apps for Free.

The tariff brochure was updated on August 29th, 2023. In an early reading, we wouldn’t understand any major changes — but many operators sometimes like to delve into unpleasant surprises in the context of those kinds of updates.

Forfait Mobile B&You 130 go 5G.

Unlimited calls

130 Come to France.

6359 sites 5G 3,5 GHz10,439 shared 5G/4G sites.

Mobile Plan 100 GFS 5G Go!

Unlimited calls

Go by a glass of wine in France.

Three hundred three digits of 5G by reverberating 5G by 5G. 655 shared 5G.

Orange 5G mobile plan 100 Go.

Unlimited calls

100 Come in France.

6695 sites 5G 3, 5 GHz192 shared 5G/4G sites.

We all plan for the 5G.

Free Mobile remains one of the operator’s biggest payments package, 4G/5G per month. If you don’t need to obtain as many data transfers per month, you can still get a lot cheaper packages.

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