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Freeing up to 11.11 This August 31st, 23rd, was updated

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Codemasters released the update 1.11 (PS5 version 1.011) for F1 23 and this is an unannounced version and comes after the release of the gameplay improvements title update a few days ago. Look for what’s new in the F1 23 patch notes for August 31.

F1 23 Update 1.11, 3000, 3000, 4000, 4000, 4700, 3000, 4000, 4400, 4000, 3500, 7000, 4000, 2600, 33,000, 3000, 3000, 3000, 3000, 3000, 3500, 3000, 45000, 4000, 5000, 365, 15000, 000, 3000, e10, 6000, 950, 3000, et 6000, 2550

Codemasters hasn’t disclosed what has just yet been changed. However, here’s the most recent update from the dev team regarding the game and what issues are currently being discussed.

There was a special monza livery added.

31/08#F123 https://t.co/hg1Y2UFlEV

EA SPORTS F1 (@EASPORTSF1) August 30, 2023

The devs are investigating the questions which are being examined.


  • Multiple warnings can’t be fixed in time.
  • The damage caused by an incorrect effect on the halo from Ferrari was to be corrected.
  • Safety car delta jumps when entering the main road at Monaco.
  • I will try and wear a tyre while race starts after the second world championship.
  • We have graphs in an inordinate view at Silverstone.
  • The inevitable bump happened in Spain’s pitch.
  • Las Vegas tracks limits in all directions.
  • There are a lot of noise warnings in the Australian market: Turn 4.
  • Goals must be locked up in the F1 world.
  • The failure of strength by Thrustmaster T300 (PC) (can I make more sense here?
  • Is there any question about the military response to Logitech?
  • High framerate when driving through smoke.
  • Logitech TrueForce is not available for Xbox.
  • Other various issues pertaining to Force Feedback across multiple platforms.

If a official patch notes a changelog is released, please update the article.

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