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From about the cow spots and talking computers (PCGH-Retro, 5. September)

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December 15, 2023 by Henner Schroder About cattle spots and talking computers that happened on September 5, 2023. Every day PC Games Hardware looks at the old, but unfortunate history of the computer.

1985: The direct sale of PCs assembled to your specifications is a successful model, proved by the garage company Dell, which was founded last year. As per the example above, a PC manufacturer was founded on October 5, 1985. Gateway 2000 has been established in a garage also. That company became as successful as Dell and became the largest direct sellr in the US. She is famous for her boxes decorated with cow spots. Acer replaced the Gateway no less than 2000 in 2007. The brand focused on selling the PCs through ordinary PC dealers the direct sales that once made Gateway big are discontinued.

The company opened the Microsoft Research Department on the Redmond campus on September 5, 1991. In the labs are developed new software solutions, new technologies are slated to make the work with the PC easier and expand its capabilities, but it is a responsibility of the future to see, hear and learn a computer so that the user can communicate with his computer like a friend. In the years following, MSR successfully developed many technologies which could become widely reflected in products, such as Tablet PCs, C# programming language, Windows, Superfetch and ClearType, the (;) grammar checker for Word, efficient audio and video codecs, search algorithms and much more. Two decades later, one goal is still a long way off: You can’t communicate to a person like that with a PC.

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