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From nightmare to New York: The Dark Place is not overtaken by the Dark Place

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After over four years of development, Alan Wake II is now almost ready for launch. Remedy are looking forward to reaching the audiences with a nightmarish story.

To stop thinking about the dark place, the software company that created Control published a new retelling piece, which takes us to a discovery of the dark place. This dark, undercurrent, compass and reality has allowed Alan Wake, an exterminating storyteller who already had a full era of New York.

Inspired by the modern world of the ’70s and ’80s, developers at Remedy covered the big apple in Nightmare Murals, arty to hide messages directed towards the protagonist and the players. With dark and dangerous imagery, which makes shape from books written by Alan Wake himself, and then that vision can be taken on with an outrageously concrete point. The novelist, originally from New York, brings his personal story to the Dark Place, with sequences that will include, for example, his protagonist, Alice.

When you open the news, you can see the new behind the scenes dedicated to the long-awaited sequel. We also remind you that the production was presented in magnificent form at Gamescom 2023, and that he then told you about it in our test of Alan Wake II.

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