From The Rumor Mill: Is There a new F-Zero game on the way?


The latest gossip that will happen before we travel to the new year, suggests that a new F-Zero game may be in the works for 2023. Since we were able to view the movies on a major console in 2003, an official title was the F-Zero GX. And then, we know, there were many releases for the game Boy line, and the last one being F-Zero Climax in 2004, but none of them had the rage, even though they had the most impressive title of the series. But since the time has come, there are lots of fans who are angry and crying to see the series come back. The closest I have ever seen is having a race track stage in Super Smash Bros, while Captain Falcon isn’t doing the thing he wanted to do either.

The original product has been sold by Nintendo.

If the rumors are true, that may change this year. This story comes from the podcaster NateTheHate and the general leaked info source, who recently spoke about what might be the case on the RedsetEra forum this year.

“F-Zero’s time will come 2023. First step was to complete the game in late summer of 2021 (for clarity: development finished then then it had to finally finish QA, any localization, etc.). It’s been a long time since the game started. Nintendo just refused to wait until soon to announce and market it.”

If you don’t tell the truth, the company may announce a new game on one of their Direct livestreams until January. For both you and your families who are new to that time of year, we’ll never know anything about E3 or Summer Games until this summer. We will have to wait to see what happens.


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